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The distance traveled by an object divided by the time it takes to travel that distance is called...
a) average speed
b) average velocity
c) average acceleration
d) activity

In order to determine speed, you must know...
a) distance
b) time
c) direction
d) time and distance

The difference between speed and velocity is...
a) time
b) weight
c) direction
d) distance

An object is in motion when...
a) the object's displacement is greater than the distance traveled.
b) the object changes position relative to a reference point.
c) you observe the object move.
d) the object's speed increases.

What is the unbalanced force that slows down a rolling ball?
a) friction
b) gravity
c) inertia
d) momentum

When the velocity of an object changes, it is acted upon by...
a) momentum.
b) a force.
c) inertia.
d) deceleration.

Acceleration is defined as the change in velocity divided by...
a) time.
b) speed.
c) momentum.
d) mass.

Whenever an object is standing still, the value(s) that is/are always ZERO is/are...
a) momentum.
b) velocity.
c) speed.
d) All of them.

An action exerted on a body in order to change the body's state of rest or motion is called...
a) a force.
b) an acceleration.
c) a speed.
d) a velocity.

________________ is the rate at which velocity changes over time.
a) Velocity
b) Speed
c) Acceleration
d) Momentum

The force that resists the initiation of sliding motion between two surfaces that are in contact and at rest is called...
a) speed.
b) friction.
c) kinetic friction.
d) static friction.

An object's change in position relative to a reference point is called...
a) motion.
b) speed.
c) distance.
d) displacement.

________________ is the distance traveled divided by the time interval during which the motion occurred.
a) Velocity
b) Speed
c) Motion
d) Acceleration

The force that opposes the movement of two surfaces that are in contact and are sliding over each other is called...
a) kinetic friction.
b) static friction.
c) friction.
d) velocity.

_________________ is the change in position of an object.
a) Velocity
b) Speed
c) Distance
d) Displacement

_________________ is the speed of an object in a particular direction.
a) Velocity
b) Speed
c) Motion
d) Acceleration

___________________ is the force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are in contact.
a) Static friction
b) Friciton
c) Kinetic friction
d) Motion

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