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Martin Luther King Jr. wanted a better life for all Americans
a) life
b) Americans
c) better
d) wanted

His best speeches inspired people.
a) best
b) inspired
c) people
d) none of these

After her husband's death, Eleanor did even _______ work than before.
a) much
b) most
c) best
d) more

Mrs Roosevelts news column was _________ than many other news columns.
a) good
b) gooder
c) better
d) best

She gave her ________ efforts to the United States.
a) most
b) better
c) best
d) none of these

Which of her speeches is the ___________
a) best
b) most
c) better
d) goodest

He is _______________ in Europe than the United States.
a) most famous
b) more famous
c) better famous
d) none of these

Simon Bolivar is on of the __________ heroes of South America
a) great
b) greater
c) greatest
d) only

He was __________ successful as an older man than as a younger man.
a) most
b) best
c) least
d) more

Dancing requires _______ work than other professions.
a) hardest
b) hard
c) hardly any
d) harder

William Shakespeare was (an, the) English playwright
a) an
b) the
c) bother of these
d) none of these

Shakespeare was (a, the, an) country boy.
a) a
b) an
c) the
d) none of these

___________annual celebration of Shakespeare's birth takes place on April 23.
a) A
b) The
c) An
d) all of these

____________biography I am holding is about Florence Nightingale
a) This
b) That
c) These
d) Those

_________woman dreamed of being a nurse.
a) Those
b) These
c) This
d) Them

Florence Nightingale led ____________ nurses.
a) them
b) these
c) that
d) those

Victoria was the english queen from 1837 - 1901,
a) from
b) Victoria
c) english
d) queen

The vast empire included indian plantations. (identify the proper adjective)
a) vast
b) indian
c) included
d) none of these

Victoria established asian and african colonies. (identify the proper adjective)
a) asian
b) colonies
c) african
d) asian and african

Victoria was wise and capable
a) wise
b) capable
c) victoria
d) none of these

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