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A meteorologist is someone who
a) studies rocks.
b) studies animals.
c) studies weather.
d) studies diseases.

Thermometers are used to measure
a) wind speed.
b) temperature.
c) gravity.
d) rainfall.

The name for water that falls from the atmosphere, including rain, snow, hail, and sleet is
a) rainwater
b) condensation
c) glaciers
d) precipitation

A wind vane is used to measure
a) wind direction
b) wind speed
c) rainfall
d) air pressure

Barometers are used to measure
a) temperature
b) wind speed
c) rainfall
d) air pressure

The highest clouds are called
a) cirrus clouds.
b) cumulus clouds.
c) stratus clouds.
d) nimbus clouds.

Cumulus clouds are
a) only seen in bad weather.
b) puffy clouds that are normally flat on the bottom.
c) very low in the sky.
d) wispy and feather-like.

A statement about what is likely to happen in the future is called
a) a guess.
b) an estimation.
c) an idea.
d) a prediction.

At a _________, a cold air mass bumps against a warm air mass.
a) cold front
b) warm front
c) precipitation front
d) weather front

A ___________ is a large storm that brings strong winds and heavy rain. They form over the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
a) hurricane
b) tornado
c) tsunami
d) flood

The ___________ is an imaginary line that divides Earth in half horizontally.
a) latitude
b) equator
c) hemisphere
d) warm front

Each half of Earth is a __________.
a) anemometer
b) equator
c) estuary
d) hemisphere

Latitudes farthest from the equator tend to
a) have the most hurricanes
b) be cold all year.
c) be hot all year
d) get the most rain

A __________ is a flow of air or water in a certain direction.
a) cold front
b) hemisphere
c) current
d) Gulf stream

Which correctly describes El Nino?
a) an unusual cooling of water in the easter Pacific Ocean.
b) a cold current in the atmosphere that flows across the United States.
c) an unusual warming of water in the eastern Pacific Ocean.
d) a warm ocean current that flows across the Atlantic Ocean.

Which BEST describes cirrus clouds?
a) big, dark clouds that bring rain and thunder.
b) low, gray clouds that cover the whole sky.
c) puffy, white clouds seen in sunny weather.
d) high, wispy clouds made up of ice crystals.

An __________ is a large body of air with about the same temperature and humidity throughout.
a) cirrus cloud
b) air mass
c) rain storm
d) warm front

Studying weather maps helps scientists
a) measure air temperature.
b) classify clouds by shape.
c) measure air pressure.
d) make weather predictions.

When are you MOST LIKELY to see white cumulus clouds?
a) on a foggy day.
b) on a rainy day.
c) before a thunderstorm.
d) on a sunny day.

What does high air pressure usually mean?
a) fair weather.
b) stormy weather.
c) rising temperatures.
d) falling temperatures.

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