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Which of these organisms are decomposers?
a) wolves
b) bacteria
c) trees
d) lions

Which type of animal eats only or mostly plants?
a) omnivore
b) producer
c) herbivore
d) carnivore

Which statement describes a relationship between a consumer and a producer?
a) a chipmunk eats wild berries.
b) a fox eats a chipmunk.
c) a large fish eats a small fish.
d) a fungus breaks down a dead tree.

In which ecosystem will you MOST LIKELY find bison, prairie dogs, and woody shrubs?
a) grassland
b) pond
c) forest
d) salt marsh

If one kind of producer is removed from an ecosystem's food web, what will MOST LIKELY happen?
a) None of the other organisms in the food web will be affected.
b) Only the other producers in the food web will be affected.
c) Many other organisms in the food web will be affected.
d) Only the consumers in the food web will be affected.

The animals that are hunted are called
a) omnivores.
b) estuaries.
c) carnivores.
d) prey

What do plants give off into the air that animals need?
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) pollen
d) sunlight

How do animals help plants reproduce?
a) by building nests in trees
b) by eating the leaves of plants
c) by adding nutrients to soil
d) by spreading seeds

A food chain is a model that shows
a) how plants use energy from the sun to make their own food.
b) the path of energy as it flows from one living thing to the next.
c) several food webs that connect together.
d) how the amount of energy left for consumers changes as the energy moves through a food web.

Animals that hunt other animals for food are called
a) prey.
b) decomposers.
c) predators.
d) omnivores.

A living thing that gets energy by breaking down wastes and dead plants and animals is called
a) a carnivore
b) a consumer
c) an herbivore
d) a decomposer

Consumers that eat both plants and animals are called
a) omnivores
b) producers
c) decomposers
d) herbivores

A living thing that gets energy by eating other living things is called
a) a consumer
b) a carnivore
c) an omnivore
d) a producer

For plants to make food through photosynthesis they need
a) carbon dioxide
b) sunlight
c) water
d) all of the above

A body of water in which freshwater from a river meets and mixes with salt water from the ocean is called
a) a lake
b) a terrestrial ecosystem
c) a salt marsh
d) an estuary

A living thing that makes its own food is called
a) a photosynthesis
b) a decomposer
c) a producer
d) an herbivore

A rise or fall of ocean water is called
a) a tide.
b) a salt marsh.
c) an aquatic ecosystem.
d) a pond.

An ecosystem is made up of
a) only living things
b) only nonliving things
c) both living and nonliving things
d) neither

Terrestrial ecosystems are
a) land-based.
b) ecosystems made by people.
c) water-based.
d) ecosystems that do not have people living in them.

An ecosystem with fertile soil covered by tall grasses is a
a) Lake
b) Grassland
c) Rainforest
d) Desert

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