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What is a positive response for children who are afraid of water?
a) Read a book about swimming.
b) Point out that other children aren't afraid.
c) Act as though you are afraid too.
d) Throw the child into the pool.

Which reflex occurs when you touch an area around the baby's mouth and the baby turns toward the touch while making a sucking motion with the mouth?
a) Babinski reflex
b) Moro reflex
c) Rooting reflex
d) Stepping reflex

To reduce the risk of SIDS, infants should sleep on their ____.
a) stomach
b) back
c) pillow
d) side

Which of the following theorists studied moral development?
a) Lawrence Kohlberg
b) Erik Erikson
c) Jean Piaget
d) Sigmund Frued

If a child is born weighing 7 lbs 5 oz, about how much should they weigh on their first birthday?
a) 22 pounds
b) 30 pounds
c) 15 pounds
d) 27 pounds

Who developed five levels of human needs beginning with the first priority?
a) Piaget
b) Erikson
c) Maslow
d) Freud

At what age does object permanence begin?
a) 0 - 3 months
b) 3 - 6 months
c) 6 - 9 months
d) 9 - 12 months

Which part of the lesson plan helps you check for understanding and see if the child met the standards?
a) Motivation
b) Procedures
c) Resources
d) Evaluation

A 4 year old's self-help skills usually include:
a) distinguishing the front and back of clothing
b) dressing and undressing without assistance
c) putting shoes on correct feet
d) unbuttoning back buttons

A new skill for a 5 year old is:
a) carrying a cup of liquid without spilling
b) hopping on one foot
c) marching to music
d) throwing a ball overhand

At the beginning of middle childhood, boys are usually _____ than girls.
a) slightly shorter
b) slighter taller
c) much shorter
d) much taller

During middle childhood, children usually become more _____.
a) dependent
b) fearful
c) focused on family
d) self-sufficient

Which of the following is the best example of using positive guidance?
a) Do not touch.
b) Please do not talk.
c) Only touch one muffin.
d) Quit yelling.

The understanding that just because the shape of an item changes, quantity may remain the same:
a) conservation
b) classification
c) rehearsal
d) seriation

According to the NAEYC Code of Ethics, what is your first (and most important) responsibility when working with young children?
a) The child's safety.
b) The child's education.
c) The child's friends.
d) The child's desires.

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