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Supermodels make BIG BUCKS.
a) earn a lot of money
b) become very popular
c) cause many problems
d) make people feel important

My family doesn't have a lot of money, but we GET BY.
a) do what we need to do
b) stay out of trouble
c) get a lot of help
d) have just enough to live

When I heard the bell, I knew it was time to PACK IT IN.
a) put my stuff in my bag
b) get as much done as I could
c) quit working
d) go to sleep

a) hurt a lot of people
b) was heard by everyone in a short time
c) made the disaster seem worse than it was
d) caused people to give up

a) understands easily
b) makes cutting comments
c) thinks hurtful thoughts
d) knows what's stylish

She was really PUMPED UP before the big dance!
a) nervous and hyper
b) beautiful and stylish
c) angry and loud
d) excited and motivated

What do you really want? LAY ALL YOUR CARDS ON THE TABLE.
a) make a wish and hope it comes true
b) stop trying to cheat
c) tell everything you're thinking and/or want
d) share what you have with other people

You need to BUCKLE DOWN this semester.
a) start working seriously
b) use safety devices
c) quit talking so much
d) dress appropriately

Life is boring! I'm IN A RUT.
a) stuck for a long time in traffic
b) doing the same stuff every day
c) in a very depressed mood
d) tired from exercising all day

The money I have in the bank DOESN'T AMOUNT TO A HILL OF BEANS.
a) isn't enough to buy food
b) isn't worth much
c) is a problem I can't solve
d) would make a big hill if I stacked it up

He thinks he's funny. I can't believe I FELL FOR IT!
a) was clumsy
b) was sad
c) was tricked
d) was laughing

a) scares me
b) calms me
c) makes fun of me
d) annoys me

After I talked to him, my BLOOD WAS BOILING!
a) I was very angry.
b) I had a fever.
c) I was bleeding.
d) I wanted to kiss him

Jose BREEZED THROUGH his Spanish class.
a) thought the work was difficult
b) passed it easily
c) did nothing in class
d) did not care about the class

When I was in trouble, she TURNED HER BACK ON me.
a) made sure no one attacked me from behind
b) supported me
c) left and did not help me
d) talked about me

He likes to go camping FROM TIME TO TIME.
a) when he doesn't have anything else to do
b) every week-end
c) overnight
d) sometimes

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