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Who was Harriet Tubman?
a) slave that led a slave rebellion and killed 60 whites including his slave owner.
b) A former slave that sued for the freedom of her son
c) The most famous leader of the Underground Railroad.
d) The publisher of the newspaper, The North Star.

Immigrants coming to the United States accepted lower wages and worked in horrible factory conditions than American workers. Which of the following was an effect of increased immigration to the United States?
a) The growth of industry
b) The rise of nativism
c) The movement of Americans west
d) New inventions created

Which community reform movement stressed the importance of examining a person’s own thoughts, emotions, and imagination?
a) Transcendentalism
b) Utopian Communities
c) Second Great Awakening
d) The Temperance Movement

Which abolition strategy did Sojourner Truth use to bring national attention to the issue of slavery?
a) The Court System
b) Newspapers
c) Escape
d) Violence

What was one of the horrible working conditions that immigrants faced working in the factories of the cities?
a) Use of child labor
b) Higher wages than other Americans
c) Working only four days a week
d) Working only 40 hours a week

Which women’s reform leader helped to create public health treatments for mentally ill patients?
a) Dorothea Dix
b) Elizabeth Stanton
c) Catherine Beecher
d) Lucretia Mott

Factories needed more workers to keep production moving due to the growth of industry in the United States. Which of the following was an immediate and direct effect of the growth of industry?
a) The rise of nativism
b) Movement west of Americans
c) increase in immigration to the United State
d) New inventions were created

Which abolitionist published the newspaper, The North Star, in 1848?
a) Frederick Douglas
b) Harriet Tubman
c) Sojourner Truth
d) William Lloyd Garrison

Which religious movement stressed salvation was possible for everyone and highlighted the power of the individual?
a) The Abolition Movement
b) Community Reform
c) Women’s Reform
d) The Second Great Awakening

When Americans moved west, they needed better ways to prepare land to grow and harvest crops. Which of the following was an immediate and direct effect of Americans moving west?
a) The rise of nativism
b) New inventions were created
c) Increased immigration to the United States
d) The growth of industry

Which of the inventions below was invented by Samuel Morse in 1837?
a) The telegraph
b) The cotton gin
c) Steam Powered Ships
d) steel plow

Why did the nativism movement begin in the United States?
a) Immigrants accepted lower wages than American workers.
b) Immigrants were seen as having a higher class status than American workers.
c) Immigrants demanded better working conditions than American workers.
d) Immigrants did not know how to speak the English language and Americas decided to open schools for them to learn English.

Which of the steps can be placed in the first circle on the chart above to complete the steps that led to the growth of industry?
a) Decrease in productivity
b) Number of products increase
c) Increase in productivity
d) Number of products decrease

Which of the inventions below was invented by John Deere in 1837?
a) Steel Plow
b) Cotton gin
c) Mechanical Reaper
d) Telegraph

Why were agricultural inventions created?
a) Agricultural inventions were created to connected people over far distances.
b) Agricultural inventions were created to plant and harvest crops faster.
c) Agricultural inventions were created to allow raw materials to be processed faster.
d) Agricultural inventions were created to allow the cities to grow.

Which women’s reform leader helped to create elementary schools and mandatory education for all white male children?
a) Catherine Beecher
b) Dorothea Dix
c) Lucretia Mott
d) Elizabeth Stanton

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