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A pH of greater than 7 represents a(n)
a) base
b) acid
c) element
d) salt

Excess hydrogen ions are produced in solution by
a) acids
b) bases
c) salts
d) compounds

The substance being dissolved in a solutions is known as the
a) acid
b) solvent
c) solute
d) suspension

The reaction between an acid and a base is called
a) neutralization
b) a covalent bond
c) an ionic bond
d) combustion

If the pH of an acid solution and a basic solution were checked
a) both would be below 7
b) both would be above 7
c) the acid solution would be below 7 and the basic solution would be above 7
d) the acid solution would be above 7 and the basic solution would be below 7

Litmus paper turns red in
a) acidic solutions
b) basic solutions
c) both acidic and basic solutions
d) neutral solutions

A substance has a pH of 5, what color would it be if bromothymol blue was added?
a) red
b) blue
c) yellow
d) purple

Which of the following describes acids?
a) slippery
b) sour tasting
c) pink in phenolphthalein
d) produces hydroxide ions in solutions

Which of the following does NOT describe bases?
a) blue in bromothymol blue
b) slippery
c) low pH
d) bitter tasting

Substance A has a pH of 3 and Substance B has a pH of 1. Which substance is more acidic and how many times more acidic is that substance?
a) substance A, 10 times
b) substance B, 10 times
c) substance A, 100 times
d) substance B, 100 times

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