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Which of the following terms refers to combining multiple objects into a single object?
a) Joined
b) Clustered
c) Grouped
d) Assembled

Which of the following includes illustrations, photographs, videos, and audio stored in collections for easy access?
a) Images
b) Styles
c) Clipart
d) Themes

The line format in which dotted, dashed, or solid lines options appear is called the:
a) Line type.
b) Line style.
c) Line weight.
d) Line format.

The thickness of the line around a picture frame is called:
a) Line size.
b) Line height.
c) Line weight.
d) Line mass.

Which command is used to remove any unwanted parts of a picture in a slide?
a) Crop
b) Cut
c) Draw
d) Amend

Which frame may be applied after inserting pictures into Microsoft PowerPoint?
a) Feathering
b) Enclosure
c) Edging
d) Border

What command is used to color a shape that you have drawn on a slide?
a) Font Color
b) Shape Styles
c) Shape Fill
d) Shape Effects

Which ribbon contains the command to flip or rotate a shape on a slide?
a) Home
b) Insert
c) Drawing Tools Format
d) Arrange

Keisha wants to resize the graphic on slide 4 of her Allied Health presentation. What is the first step to accomplish this task?
a) Select
b) Copy
c) Paste
d) Drag and Drop

What group on the Picture Tools Format ribbon contains the command to right align images in a slide?
a) Adjust
b) Arrange
c) Size
d) Picture styles

What is the purpose of using the corner resizing handles to resize a graphic?
a) To have access to Picture Tools while resizing
b) To resize and recolor the graphic simultaneously
c) To incrementally resize the graphic
d) To maintain aspect ratio of the graphic

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