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Who brings Romeo news from Verona?
a) Paris
b) Balthasar
c) Peter
d) Friar John

Romeo says that there is one thing more poisonous to man than actual poison, what is it?
a) Money
b) Fame
c) Love
d) Women

Why does the pharmacist sell the poison to Romeo, even though it is illegal?
a) He runs the local Black Market
b) He's poor and Romeo has offered a lot of money
c) Revenge

Why couldn't Friar John deliver the letter?
a) He forgot
b) He got lost
c) His transportation was held up
d) A suspected plague kept him from leaving the country

What is Friar Lawrence's plan, now that Romeo hasn't gotten the letter?
a) He's going to Mantua himself to tell Romeo of the plan
b) He's going to get Juliet out of the tomb and hide her until Romeo gets there
c) He's going to get Juliet's parents and tell them what all happened

Who is the first person at Juliet's tomb in the last scene?
a) Paris
b) Romeo
c) Friar Lawrence
d) Balthasar

Why does Paris think Romeo is responsible for Juliet's death?
a) Juliet killed herself because Romeo was banished
b) He's a Montague, of course it's his fault!
c) Juliet killed herself out of grief over Tybalt's death, whom Romeo killed

Juliet says that Romeo's lips are still warm after he has taken the poison. Why is this so sad?
a) Romeo has just died seconds before she woke up. If only the letter had been delivered, Romeo wouldn't have died!
b) Romeo has just died, and she didn't get to kiss him one last time!
c) Romeo wasn't really dead, and Juliet killed herself before she could see that.

2 people were held as suspects in the deaths. Who were they?
a) Paris' servant and Peter
b) Balthasar and Paris' servant
c) Friar and Paris
d) Friar and Balthasar

Who else died on the same night as Romeo and Juliet?
a) Paris and Mercutio
b) Benvolio and Lady Capulet
c) Lady Montague and Paris
d) Lady Capulet and Paris

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