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Equine Science I Unit A 1.00. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Serving as FFA reporter or as an active member of the public relations committee helps students gain experience that could be used in equine science organizations to:
a) Feed livestock.
b) Keep financial records
c) Serve refreshments.
d) Write news reports.

Serving as FFA treasurer or as an active member of the finance committee helps students gain experiences that could be used in equine science organizations to:
a) Grill steaks.
b) Keep financial records.
c) Write minutes of meetings.
d) Write news articles

The FFA Career Development event that helps students develop knowledge and skills needed to effectively participate in an equine science organization’s business meetings is:
a) Agricultural Mechanics
b) Dairy Foods.
c) Farm Business Management.
d) Parliamentary Procedure

Which provides the BEST opportunity to develop leadership in equine students?
a) Attend judging clinic at fair
b) Go on field trip to horse farm
c) Serve as chapter officer
d) Watch movie on horse racing

An FFA activity that helps students observe and determine desirable traits, make and defend decisions, and evaluate equine is the:
a) Grain Production-Placement Proficiency Award
b) Horse Judging Career Development Event
c) Program of Activities.
d) State Convention.

The FFA activity that recognizes students who use the BEST management practices to produce and market horses, keep accurate financial records and maintain a record of skills learned and used in their Supervised Agricultural Experience is the:
a) Equine Science Proficiency Award
b) Public Speaking Proficiency Award.
c) Small Animal Care Proficiency Award.
d) Fiber Crop Science Proficiency Award

Helping develop a chapter Program of Activities provides students experiences that could be used in a Quarter horse Association to:
a) Conduct safety inspections
b) Keep financial records
c) Set goals and develop plans.
d) Prepare meals.

The part of the equine instructional program that provides opportunities to develop leadership, teamwork, citizenship, personal growth and career success is the:
a) FFA.
b) Horse knowledge.
c) Horse barn.
d) Supervised Agriculture Experience.

Brian is FFA chapter secretary, and he has served as recorder for the social committee. What he has learned could be used after graduation in equine organizations to:
a) Count money.
b) Prepare budgets.
c) Preside over meetings.
d) Write minutes of meetings.

The part of an FFA meeting that is a ritual to emphasize tradition and beliefs and to explain the meaning of certain emblems is the:
a) Creed.
b) Gavel
c) Opening and closing ceremony.
d) Unfinished business.

Which FFA strategy is emphasized by the U.S. Flag at the reporter’s station and the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag in the FFA official opening and closing ceremony?
a) Builds character and promotes citizenship, volunteerism and patriotism
b) Encourages excellence in scholarship
c) Encourages wise management of resources of the community
d) Promotes healthy lifestyles

Michelle wants to further develop her knowledge and skills by working as a team member to evaluate equine both in halter and performance classes. Which would help her reach her goal?
a) Equine Science Proficiency Award
b) Horse Judging Career Development Event
c) Parliamentary Procedure Career Development Event
d) Public Speaking Career Development Event

The mission of the FFA through all of its ceremonies, activities and awards is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for:
a) Career development event participation
b) Having fun and meeting people
c) Learning to farm.
d) Premier leadership, personal growth and career success.

Juan is a member of the committee that developed the income, expense and profit plans for the horse sale. That experience could later be used in equine organizations to:
a) Cook steaks.
b) Keep financial records
c) Write minutes of meetings
d) Write news reports.

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