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To Banish sorrow is to
a) feel miserable
b) get rid of completely
c) cry
d) feel a little sad

People most often deliberate about
a) brushing their teeth
b) important decisions
c) pieces of junk mail
d) jokes

When is a dog most likely to cower?
a) when it is sleepy
b) when it is hungry
c) when it is excited about going for a walk
d) whe someone shouts at it

Which of these is a misfortune?
a) a steep cliff
b) a car accident
c) a national holiday
d) a long weekend

A synonym for precipice is
a) cliff
b) vally
c) ditch
d) hill

A synonym for consolation
a) advice
b) comfort
c) joy
d) payment

A synonym for desire
a) instruction
b) wish
c) command
d) intention

a antontyym for ailing
a) busy
b) pretty
c) funny
d) healthy

An antonym for depths
a) surface
b) width
c) length
d) weight

An antonym for preciptious
a) generous
b) satisfy
c) comforting
d) deliberate

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