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When is the official first day of summer?
a) June 21st
b) September 2
c) December 25
d) February 14

Where do people like go to swim in the ocean and play in the sand?
a) mountains
b) beach
c) New York City
d) Charlotte

What is a nice refreshing drink that cools you off in the summer?
a) coffee
b) hot chocolate
c) earl grey tea
d) kool-aid

Where is one place you WILL NOT find students during the summer?
a) pool
b) beach
c) school
d) bowling alley

Which of the following is NOT a summer month?
a) June
b) January
c) August
d) July

What is a cool frozen treat that people eat in the summer?
a) popsicle
b) soup
c) fried chicken
d) grits

Which of the following is NOT something kids do in the summer?
a) sleep late
b) watch t.v.
c) hang out with friends
d) study

On what day do we celebrate our country's birth?
a) February 14th
b) January 15th
c) July 4th
d) April 29th

What do you call a time when you cook on a grill, eat hamburgers and hot dogs, and hang out with friends?
a) breakfast
b) cookout
c) school
d) doctor appointment

Which of the following is something that someone would do during the summer?
a) go on vacation
b) go to parent-teacher conferences
c) go to the library
d) study for exams

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