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All of the following can be identified as causes of the Great Depression except:
a) Overproduction on farms
b) Low Tariff
c) Overspeculation – buying stocks on credit
d) Uneven Distribution of wealth

The Social Security Act sought to provide for the following groups except:
a) Senior citizens
b) Handicapped
c) Workers hurt on the job
d) Unemployed

Which one of the following does not belong:
a) Liberal
b) Democrat
c) FDR
d) Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover believed:
a) Economic depression could be reversed through government legislation
b) Americans were suffering and needed direct relief
c) Cutting taxes to poorer class Americans would stimulate economic growth
d) Hand-outs made people dependent on government and they should work through there hardships

This person was known as the “Kingfish.”
a) Huey Long
b) Harry Hopkins
c) Henry Wallace
d) Eleanor Roosevelt

The New Deal was based upon all of the following except
a) Reform
b) Reactionary
c) Recovery
d) Relief

This Act allowed workers to collectively bargain with their employers:
a) Hawley-Smoot
b) Emergency Quota
c) Wagner
d) Fordney-McCumber

The following was considered a “New Deal remedy” for the sick economy
a) AAA
b) CCC
c) TVA
d) All choices are correct

This person was a photographer who’s pictures captured the hardships of the depression:
a) Helen Lynd
b) Ida Tarbell
c) Dorothea Lange
d) Woody Guthrie

The Stock Market crashed finally and most severely
a) Oct. 29, 1929
b) Oct. 29, 1930
c) Oct. 24, 1919
d) Sept. 1, 1939

Which of the following can not be associated with Herbert Hoover
a) Corrupt and dishonest
b) Conservative
c) Hawley Smoot Tariff
d) Republican

FDR was elected president how many times?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1

People who moved from the Midwest to California to escape the Dust Bowl were known as:
a) Dusties
b) Okies
c) New Dealers
d) The Liberty League

Hoover’s approach to stimulating economic growth was based in:
a) Communism
b) Keynsian Economics
c) Trickle Down Economics
d) Supply Side Economics

What group opposed the 21st amendment?
a) Gangsters
b) New Dealers
c) Democrats
d) Police

What American hero’s baby was abducted and killed in the, “Crime of the Century?”
a) Douglas McArthur
b) Charles Lindurgh
c) George Patton
d) Alvin York

The plight of the Okies was written about in The Grapes of Wrath written by:
a) John Steinbeck
b) Dorothea Lange
c) Woody Guthrie
d) Richard Wright

FDR's cmpaign song was
a) Brother Can You Spare a Dime
b) Kingfish
c) Jitterbug Fever
d) Happy Days are Here Again

The anthem of the Great Depression for many Americans became:
a) Over There
b) Allentown
c) Brother Can You Spare A Dime
d) The Poor Man's Blues

People who criticized FDR referred to him as a:
a) A Communist
b) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
c) A Socialist
d) Franklin Deficit Roosevelt

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