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Vertebrates are a subgroup of
a) chordates
b) fishes
c) amphibians
d) reptiles

A Fish
a) is an endotherm
b) has fins
c) has lungs
d) has a 3 chambered heart

A reptile
a) is an endotherm
b) lays eggs
c) has a swim bladder
d) has thin skin

The gizzard of a bird
a) Stores air
b) Removes Oxygen from the air
c) helps a bird fly
d) grinds food

A Monotreme differs from a placate mammal because the monotreme
a) has fur
b) has a placenta
c) lays eggs
d) feeds its young with milk

At some points, all chordates have a(n)
a) exoskeleton
b) notochord
c) gizzard
d) 4-chambered heart

Amphibians differ from most invertebrates since many
a) have fur
b) have a gizzard
c) go through metamorphosis
d) nurse their young

Unlike amphibians' eggs, reptiles' amniotic eggs have a(n)
a) shell
b) embryo
c) backbone
d) beak

This organ passes materials between a developing fetus and mother
a) placenta
b) brain
c) stomach
d) ovary

These help a bird balance, maneuver, and maintain flight
a) Contour feathers
b) down feathers
c) up feathers
d) lift feathers

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