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How did the U.S. government respond to conflicts over slavery before the Civil War?
a) by granting the right to vote to all citizens
b) by granting all residents of a state citizenship
c) by passing a series of compromises to appease citizens
d) by protecting privacy rights and preventing illegal searches

Which statement describes the effects of Jim Crow laws on the people of North Carolina?
a) These laws required separate public accommodations, such as restrooms and schools, for citizens.
b) These laws made it illegal to possess, manufacture, sell, or transport alcoholic beverages.
c) These laws placed price supports on crops such as tobacco, rice, and cotton.
d) These laws ended slavery and gave the newly freed men the right to vote.

How did changes brought about by industrialization affect the farming industry in the late 1880s?
a) They created a mass migration to rural areas of the south and west.
b) They caused an increase in the number of farms and workers required.
c) They provided new machinery for farm production, reducing labor requirements.
d) They created an increase in land prices and a reduction in the land available for agriculture.

How did North Carolina’s geographic features affect the movement of goods and people?
a) Mountain ranges and a lack of navigable ports restricted the movement of goods and people.
b) Warm-water ports and small mountain ranges encouraged the movement of goods and people.
c) Deep rivers and flat fertile land helped North Carolina develop strong interstate commerce.
d) Multiple rivers and valleys prevented the development of large farms and a tourist economy.

How did the physical characteristics of the Outer Banks of North Carolina affect its early colonial development?
a) They presented a barrier against storms.
b) They prevented the development of large port cities.
c) They provided more usable coastline than the other colonies.
d) They allowed for open and easy transport for the shipping industry.

Popular sovereignty is the political principle that all political authority within a society is derived from the will or consent of its people. Which idea is expressed in the concept of popular sovereignty?
a) The most popular candidates represent the people.
b) The federal government has supreme authority over the states.
c) The power of the government comes from its citizens.
d) The educated are uniquely qualified to control the political system.

How did the lunch counter “sit-ins” that were an element of the civil rights movement affect minority populations in North Carolina?
a) The sit-ins increased awareness of equal voting rights.
b) The sit-ins increased awareness of equal treatment at public businesses.
c) The sit-ins increased awareness of equal treatment on public transportation.
d) The sit-ins increased awareness of equal education opportunities.

Which explains the increase in the African-American population from 1625 to 1775?
a) war
b) jobs
c) migration
d) slavery

Which statement explains the dominance of slavery in the coastal region of colonial North Carolina?
a) The first slaves to arrive in North Carolina were brought from other colonies.
b) Rocky terrain coupled with a mild climate supported the establishment of plantations.
c) The climate was similar to a tropical climate, giving African slaves a better chance at survival.
d) Slave ships arrived at the ports of Wilmington, Edenton, and Bath.

How will late bill payments affect a person′s financial health?
a) The person will earn less annual income.
b) The person will pay more income taxes to the government.
c) The person will not qualify for loans for bigger purchases.
d) The person will have more money to spend on other things.

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