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Name a unicellular, microscopic organism that can live without the help og other cells.
a) algae
b) tissues
c) organs
d) paramecium

Which is not a typical job of a cell?
a) help provide support with a wall
b) making tissues
c) store chlorophyll
d) absorbing light for energy

Which statement best describes tissues and organs of multicellular organisms?
a) reproduce by splitting and dividing
b) there is a division of labor between them
c) make a house for shelter
d) hold up the cells

A leaf is a plant organ
a) that has no special job
b) that helps with digestion
c) that helps the organ make water
d) that covers and protects the other tissues inside the leaf

some diseases and disorders may only affect one tissue but may cause the entire body to suffer
a) pilates is one type
b) silly willies are another type of disorder
c) one example is diabetes mellitus - a lack of sugar supply
d) an example is turgor pressure wilt

What is turgor pressure?
a) soil pushing out of the concrete
b) roots of mushrooms pushing out of the soil is an example
c) is the result of an abundance of water inside a cell that has a rigid wall
d) water in the cell wall decreasing

Cellular respiration is
a) lungs breathing accurately
b) the breakdown of an energy sourceby cells to obtain usable energy
c) not an effective use of cells
d) division of labor of organs

The cellular respiration that occurs in mitochondria
a) creates photosynthesis
b) transfer energy from chlorophyll
c) causes pain
d) uses oxygen, and sugar fragments, and releases carbon dioxide, water, and energy

Anaerobic cellular respiration
a) does not need oxygen to work
b) needs sugar, honey and oxygen to process
c) produces bread
d) act like leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees

The reactant of aerobic cellular respiration and the reactant of anaerobic cellular respiration in that order:
a) aerobic: sugar and oxygen anaerobic: sugar
b) aerobic: chlorophyll anaerobic: sugar
c) aerobic: mitochondria anaerobic: yeast

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