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Carlos has the double of balls than Sergio. How many balls does Carlos have?
a) 2p
b) p^2
c) p-2
d) p/2

The number of legs in a farm with hens and cows
a) 2h+4c
b) 4h+4c
c) 4h+2c
d) 6hc

Patricia has 7 stickers less than Alberto. How many stickers does Patricia have?
a) a-7
b) a+7
c) 7a
d) 7-a

The wheels in a parking with cars, tricycles and motorbikes.
a) 4c+3t+2m
b) 10ctm
c) ctm
d) 4c3t2m

Jorge is 3 years older than his brother Pedro. How old is Jorge?
a) p+3
b) 3p
c) p-3
d) 3-p

A half of my money
a) 2x
b) x/2
c) x^2
d) x2

The perimeter of my hamburguer the radius R
a) 2πR
b) πR^2
c) 2R
d) πR

I had 10€. I bought 3 pencils and 2 notebooks. How much money do I have now?
a) 10-3p-2n
b) 10-(3p-2n)
c) -3p-2n+10
d) All choices

A number squared
a) x^2
b) x^4
c) 4x
d) 2x

The triple of my age
a) 3x
b) x^3
c) x+3
d) x-3

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