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A free kick from any of the four corners of the pitch is called:
a) a penalty
b) a free kick
c) a throw in
d) a corner

A penalty is executed from ...
a) 21 meters
b) 9 meters
c) 11 meters
d) 30 meters

To try and score a goal by kicking is called:
a) a pass
b) a robinsonada
c) a shoot
d) a tackle

A player who usually stays in the middle of the field is called:
a) a midfielder
b) a goalkeeper
c) a manager
d) a defender

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's shirt number?
a) 9
b) 12
c) 4
d) 7

Who was the top scorer in 2008?
a) Cristiano Ronaldo
b) none of them
c) David Villa
d) Lionel Messi

How many minutes is a full-time soccer match?
a) 90 minutes
b) 45 minutes
c) 20 minutes
d) 110 minutes

What do you call a shoot?
a) kick into the goal
b) pass the ball
c) topwatch
d) any kick

When a team is winning at the moment, they are in the ...
a) score
b) half-time
c) lead
d) full-time

When a player kicks the ball backwards over his own head, the trick is called:
a) header
b) foul
c) bicycle kick
d) equalizer

The name of the manager of the Polish national team is:
a) Zbigniew Boniek
b) Adam NawaƂka
c) Diego Maradona
d) Robert Lewandowski

Who did the hand of God?
a) Diego Maradona
b) Pele
c) Alfred die Stefano
d) Suarez

When the team manager takes one player off the field and replaces him with another player, he ...
a) substitutes.
b) throws in.
c) corners
d) goals.

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