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This is the only animal to actually have four knees.
a) lion
b) tiger
c) elephant
d) dog

What are the plastic things on the end of your shoelaces called?
a) aglets
b) gallets
c) roundlets
d) abbits

This is the term given to the condition of not being able to remember a word.
a) bummer
b) lethologica
c) forgetfulness
d) ahlztimers

This is the only king in the cards without a mustache.
a) hearts
b) spades
c) diamonds
d) clubs

how far away can a skunk be smelled by a human nose?
a) 1 mile
b) 2 miles
c) 1/2 of a mile
d) 800 meters

What is the most money ever paid for one cow at an auction?
a) 1.3 million dollars
b) 1 million dollars
c) 100,00 dollars
d) 50,000 dollars

What does the Japanese word Karoke mean?
a) empty orchestra
b) loud singing
c) fun singing
d) imitated sounds

The number of American states that Miss Piel has been to
a) 34
b) 17
c) 21
d) 57

What does the 57 stand for on the Heinz ketchup bottle?
a) the number of variety of pickles the company once had
b) the number of ingredients in the bottle
c) the number of employees
d) the lucky number of the founder

The martial Arts founded in Korea is known as
a) Taekwondo
b) Karate
c) Confu
d) Jujutsu

This is the capital of South Korea
a) Seoul
b) Pusan
c) Guiwiang
d) Suwon

This president was the fastest random speaker in the world, speaking over 350 words in one minute
a) JFK
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) George Washington
d) Barack Obama

This is the most common name in the world
a) Mohammad
b) Nick
c) Sam
d) Jane

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