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To create or maintain a certain image, companies sponsor sport/event organizations that display characteristics they want consumers to associate with their products. This is one way of enhancing
a) relationship marketing.
b) sales and sampling opportunities.
c) exclusivity.
d) public relations.

Your hockey team receives free skates from Nike as part of Nike's payment of its sponsorship fee. This arrangement is known as
a) exploitation.
b) relationship marketing.
c) exclusivity.
d) value in kind (VIK).

A salesperson says to a potential client, The arena's luxury boxes have plenty of space to entertain your business clients, and our catering staff can help you plan your menu needs for game-day festivities. What is the salesperson doing in this sit
a) Addressing objections
b) Describing amenities
c) Determining needs
d) Reaching closure

What is the best way to present your proposal to potential sponsor companies?
a) Over the phone
b) Via teleconference
c) Through the mail
d) In person

Which of the following is the first step in a sponsorship presentation:
a) Create interest in your organization or event.
b) Give event details.
c) Create interest in the sponsorship opportunity.
d) Explain how the prospective sponsor can get involve

Bank of America is the only bank affiliated with your sport/event organization. This benefit is called
a) value in kind (VIK).
b) exclusivity.
c) ownership
d) presenting sponsorship.

Taco Bell doesn't want its message to get lost among the messages of your team's other sponsors, so you offer to name the pregame show The Taco Bell Pregame Report. This benefit is called
a) sales and sampling opportunities.
b) ownership.
c) exclusivity.
d) fund-raising opportunities.

Why should sport/event marketers develop proof-of-performance packages for sponsors?
a) To provide information about the facility
b) To explain the type of sport/event
c) To list the important participants
d) To help sponsors justify the investment

Sport/Event marketers often identify the sponsorship potential of a specific business by researching the company's sponsorship history and understanding its
a) sponsorship objectives.
b) manufacturing methods.
c) financial policies.
d) quantity standards.

Which of the following would an event marketer most probably contact when seeking sponsorship for an upcoming auto race:
a) Nonprofit organizations
b) Related businesses
c) Athletic competitors
d) Charitable organizations

Obtaining the right to name a sport or entertainment event is often one of the objectives of a(n)
a) franchise arrangement.
b) sponsorship.
c) affiliation.
d) licensing agreement.

Wheelz wants to market its product line of in-line skates to young males under the age of 35. Which of the following sponsorship opportunities would best attract the exposure the company seeks on a very limited budget:
a) Olympic opening ceremony
b) Extreme-sporting event
c) Pro-football game
d) Affinity-sporting event

What type of sponsorship objective involves bartering for goods and services?
a) Cost avoidance
b) Revenue generation
c) Activation
d) Promotion

One reason it is important to sell the venue is because the venue is part of the
a) market.
b) facility.
c) location.
d) product.

When writing a proposal for a potential sponsor, sport/event marketers should clearly emphasize sponsorship value and
a) deadlines.
b) liability.
c) benefits.
d) confidentiality.

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