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Talking about a salt marsh, the meiofauna
a) are represented by crabs and lobsters
b) include fish
c) are very small animals that live between the sand grains
d) are the algae

Which of the following does not contribute to the species diversity of the tropics?
a) predictability
b) predation
c) spatial homogeneity
d) high productivity

The major reservoir for phosphorus is
a) aquifers
b) soil and rocks
c) the atmosphere
d) the sun

The accumulation of herbivore biomass in an ecosystem is an example of
a) biogeochemical cycles
b) transpiration
c) secondary productivity
d) net primary productivity

Which of the following is not a problem with ground water?
a) slow movement
b) increasing use rate
c) government ownership
d) pollution

Which is a more accurate way of dating rocks, absolute or relative dating?
a) absolute dating
b) relative dating
c) they are equally accurate
d) none

What is happening to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
a) it is increasing
b) it is decreasing
c) it is holding steady
d) it is fluctuating wildly

Which of the following is a secondary consumer?
a) a carnivore
b) a herbivore
c) a plant
d) none

On average, for a crop plant to produce one kilogram of food it requires how many kilograms of water?
a) 1
b) 10
c) 100
d) 1000

Which of the following contains a lot of carbon?
a) fossil fuels
b) the ocean
c) peat
d) all

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