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o develop after birth usually as a result of environmental forces. For example...dyed hair
a) Acquired
b) Heredity
c) Instinct
d) Gene

The structure inside cells that contain genes
a) Chromosomes
b) Offspring
c) Recessive
d) Trait

A gene that always overpowers a recessive gene.
a) Dominant
b) Recessive
c) Wrangler
d) Learned Behavior

The science that studies how traits are inherited
a) Genetics
b) Heredity
c) Offspring
d) Chromosomes

The characteristics in cells that determine what characteristics will be passed from parents to children
a) Genes
b) Levis
c) Wranglers
d) Learned Behavior

The passing down of inherited traits from parents to offspring. 
a) Heredity
b) Instinct
c) Offspring
d) Trait

A characteristic that is passed from parents to offspring.
a) Inherited Trait
b) Learned Behavior
c) Recessive
d) Dominant

An inherited behavior, one that is not learned but is done automatically.
a) Instinct
b) Recessive
c) Acquired
d) Gene

behaviors that are learned
a) Learned Behavior
b) Trait
c) Heredity
d) Genetics

The first generation of descendants produced by an animal or plant.
a) Offspring
b) Learned
c) Acquired
d) Inherited

A gene that does not show itself unless it is paired with a like gene.
a) Recessive
b) Dominant
c) Acquired
d) Instinct

Characteristics such as eye color, hair color, etc.
a) Trait
b) Treat
c) Trist
d) Recessive

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