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Which type of map is best used to find the location of a layer of coal at Earth's surface?
a) weather map
b) topographic map
c) geologic map
d) road map

Which principle states that the oldest rock layer is found at the borrow in an undisturbed stack of rock layers?
a) absolute dating
b) half life
c) superposition
d) uniformitarianism

Which term sans matching up rock layers in different places
a) absolute dating
b) correlation
c) superposition
d) uniformitarianism

Which are the remains of species that existed on Earth for relatively short periods of time, were abundant, and were wide spread geographically?
a) body fossils
b) carbon films
c) index fossils
d) trace fossils

Which can be used to find the absolute age of a fossil?
a) angular unconformity
b) igneous intrusion
c) index fossil
d) radioisotope

Which is most closely related to the first life forms on Earth?
a) Archaepteryx
b) green algae (cyanobacteria)
c) stromatolite
d) trilobite

Which might explain extinctions?
a) asteroid
b) competition
c) glaciation
d) overexploitation

Which time period do we live in?
a) Precambrian
b) Cambrian
c) Paleozoic
d) Cenozoic

What is the one giant landmass that was considered a supercontinent?
a) Trilobite
b) Pangea
c) Precambrian
d) Parliament

What information do fossils give geologists?
a) change over time
b) equations
c) sediment
d) species

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