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The flow of electricity to motors, lights, and other devices is called?
a) voltage
b) current
c) power
d) resistance

Anything that uses electrical energy is called a _________.
a) heater
b) lightbulb
c) resistor
d) electronic

A closed circuit:
a) Has a break in it
b) requires more voltage.
c) is on
d) is off

Water pipes can be compared to which part of an electrical circuit?
a) resistors
b) wires
c) battery
d) switch

Which of the following creates an open circuit?
a) Turning off a switch
b) Using a solar cell
c) adding a battery
d) All of these

Current in circuits refers to:
a) resistance
b) potential difference
c) energy loss
d) flowing electron

A device that converts chemical energy into a voltage difference is a(n):
a) resistor
b) voltmeter
c) battery
d) ammeter

Current is measured in:
a) amperes
b) joules
c) volts
d) ohms

a voltage difference:
a) wastes energy.
b) is the term for the rate of charge flow
c) supplies the energy to make a charge flow
d) causes a short circuit

Which of the following is a good analogy for a battery?
a) a water faucet.
b) water pipes
c) narrow areas of pipes
d) water tower and pump

If you connect both probes of a voltmeter to one end of a 1.5V battery what reading will you get?
a) 1.5 volts
b) 1.5 amps
c) 0 volts
d) 4.5 volts

materials through which current will not easily flow are called:
a) Conductors
b) semiconductors
c) insolators
d) absorbers

Which of the following is the best conductor?
a) Ceramic coffee cup
b) Piece of foam
c) Plastic Spoon
d) Metal Pot

an ohm is the measurement for
a) Power
b) voltage
c) current
d) resisitance

As Current increases, Voltage__________.
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays the same
d) inverses

A light bulb requires 4 amps to produce light. the resistance of the bulb is 4 ohms. How many 2 volt batteries will you need to light the bulb?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

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