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What contributes to rotation patterns of hurricanes?
a) trade winds
b) Coriolis Effect
c) jet stream
d) magic

What do we call the average year after year conditions of temperature, precipitation, winds, and clouds in an area?
a) seasons
b) vacation planning
c) weather
d) climate

Cloud formation bringing precipitation is associated with most what fronts?
a) stationary
b) warm
c) occluded
d) cold

Drops in air pressure indicate what type of weather.
a) clear
b) stormy
c) poopy
d) windy

High and low pressure indicate what types of weather, respectively?
a) stormy/rainy + fair
b) wintery
c) fair + stormy/rainy
d) summery

A high speed wind called what separates cold northern air from warm southern air?
a) ice cream
b) jet stream
c) trade winds
d) gulf stream

Is 32 degrees Celsius hot or cold?
a) hot
b) cold
c) meh.
d) freezing

Low amounts of rainfall in an area are most likely due to lack of what in the air?
a) weather
b) climate
c) cake
d) moisture

What can be observed to help scientists predict possibilities of tornadoes?
a) wind patterns
b) jet streams
c) clouds
d) pickles

On a weather map when a cold front is approaching, it most likely will result in what during the next 24 hours?
a) thunderstorms
b) sunshine
c) meatballs
d) clear skies

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