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What is the most common use of water in the United States?
a) domestic use
b) agriculture
c) industry
d) power plants

A conservation easement would be best suited to offset which of the following threats to biodiversity?
a) habitat loss
b) overharvesting
c) habitat degradation
d) exotic species

Where does water that seeps into the ground collect?
a) an aquifer
b) bedrock
c) a watershed
d) a divide

Which of the following would reduce water tables?
a) snowmelt
b) overpopulation
c) flood
d) water pollution

Which of the following stresses would most likely cause an ecosystem to respond by succession?
a) water pollution
b) urbanization
c) air pollution
d) wildfire

Cutting down vast tracts of rain forest may result in which of the following effects on the environment?
a) stabilization of the soil
b) decrease in flooding
c) decrease in flooding
d) loss of biodiversity

How is human activity impacting biodiversity?
a) Human activity has been, on the whole, preserving biodiversity.
b) Human activity is causing biodiversity to decrease.
c) Human activity has no impact on biodiversity.
d) It is impossible to tell what the impact is.

Why is the sun considered a renewable resource?
a) The sun is so far away, we can’t use it all up.
b) The sun’s energy doesn’t decrease significantly over time.
c) The sun is needed for life on earth.
d) The sun makes its own fuel.

How are natural resources classified?
a) as naturally occurring or manufactured
b) as renewable or nonrenewable
c) as good for the environment or bad for the environment
d) as readily available or not

What is true of the supply of petroleum on the earth today?
a) It is being replenished at a rapid rate.
b) It is in limited supply.
c) It forms as quickly as we can use it.
d) It is in constant supply.

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