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What are the countries belonging to The United Kingdom?
a) Wales, Scotland and England
b) Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland
c) Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England
d) None of them is correct

What's the capital of England?
a) Edinburgh
b) Dublin
c) Manchester
d) London

Who is the Queen of Englan?
a) Elizabeth I
b) Elizabeth II
c) Charles of Wales
d) Kate Middleton

What's colour are the taxis traditionally in London?
a) yellow
b) white
c) black
d) any colour

What's the typical food in England?
a) Roast Beef
b) Fish and chips
c) Hamburgers
d) Omelettes

The British drivers drive on the...
a) left
b) right
c) no matter
d) right and left

What's English favourite drink?
a) coke
b) coffee
c) tea
d) water

Machester is a ...
a) football team
b) airport
c) city
d) country

The BBC is...
a) a new car
b) a programme
c) a book
d) a TV channel

The Canarian word naife stands English
a) pot
b) stick
c) fork
d) Knife

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