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Scientists find dinosaur fossils in the bottom rock layers of a cliff and mammal fossils in the middle rock layer of the cliff. Which can be concluded from the evidence?
a) Dinosaurs ate plants.
b) Dinosaurs were eaten by the mammals
c) Dinosaurs lived on Earth before the mammals
d) Dinosaurs and mammals lived at the same time.

Why is water from an aquifer more likely to be cleaner than water from other sources
a) because it forms where fresh and salt water meet
b) because it receives water directly from precipitation
c) because it rises to the surface near the ocean
d) because pollutants are filtered by rock and soil deep within the Earth

Which do scientists look at to determine water quality?
a) temp, depth, width, algae
b) temp, oxygen, pH, turbidity
c) temp, macroinvertebrates, pH, depth
d) temp, fish, color, dirt

In which ocean zone does photosynthesis occur
a) photic zone
b) abyssal zone
c) hadal zone
d) twilight zone

If you have 6 atoms of Oxygen in the reactants side then how many atoms of Oxygen will you have in the products
a) 0 atoms
b) 3 atoms
c) 12 atoms
d) 6 atoms

Tigers and household cats are member of the same family; however, their sizes are vastly different. What is the cause of the difference?
a) biochemical makeup
b) behavioral makeup
c) genetics
d) habitat size

What do transitional fossils best support
a) Law of Superposition
b) Theory of Evolution
c) Law of Conservation of Matter
d) Theory of Continental Drift

Which pair of elements has the most similar properties?
a) U and B
b) Ne and Ar
c) C and As
d) H and Ag

Why do doctors suggest that people get a flu vaccine each year?
a) Viruses can mutate from year to year
b) Vaccines get stronger over time
c) Viruses replicate more rapidly over time
d) vaccines are absorbed by the body after a year

Which is the best way to prevent the flu from becoming a pandemic?
a) getting a vaccine
b) taking antibiotics
c) eating fruits and vegetables
d) washing hands often

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