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All elements in the same ______ have similar chemical properties and will react similar to each other.
a) row
b) period
c) group
d) table

Which subatomic particle is found in the nucleus and has a positive charge?
a) atom
b) electron
c) neutron
d) proton

Electrons are found where?
a) in the nucleus
b) in energy shells orbiting the nucleus
c) close together in one spot
d) they are not found in an atom

The most reactive non metals are
a) Halogens
b) Carbon Group
c) Noble Gases
d) Metalloids

The atomic mass is equal to the protons plus what other subatomic particle?
a) electrons
b) neutrons
c) ions
d) quarks

The most reactive metals are ______
a) Alkaline Earth Metals
b) Halogens
c) Alkali Metals
d) Transition Metals

Which best explains the Law of Conservation of Matter
a) The products will have more than the reactants
b) The reactants will have more than the products
c) The amount of reactants will equal the amount of the products in a closed system
d) The reactants and the products will subtract from each other

Which is the best example of a pure substance?
a) peanuts
b) milk
c) silver
d) sugar

Which best explains how the periodic table is organized?
a) increasing atomic number from left to right
b) increasing number of neutrons from left to right
c) decreasing number of electrons from left to right
d) decreasing atomic mass number from left to right

As ice is heated, what best describes what is happening?
a) The molecules move faster
b) The molecules move slower
c) The molecules increase in density
d) The molecules turn to solid

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