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One of the two main political parties in the United States, Abraham Lincoln was a member of this party
a) Reconstruction Act of 1867
b) Reconstruction
c) Republican
d) Democrat

Divided former Confederacy into five military districts, required elections in which black males could vote
a) Reconstruction Act of 1867
b) Republican
c) Jim Crow laws
d) Freedmen's Bureau

Would pardon Confederate states if 10% promised loyalty and would allow Confederate officers to run for political positions after they promised loyalty
a) Reconstruction
b) Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction
c) Congress' plan for Reconstruction
d) Freedmen's Bureau

Formed to keep blacks from being equal politically, socially, and economically through the use of violence
a) Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction
b) Freedmen's Bureau
c) Ku Klux Klan
d) Abraham Lincoln

Established segregation to keep the races apart
a) Confederacy
b) Grandfather Clause
c) Black Codes
d) Jim Crow laws

Provided schools to educate blacks and tried to help blacks find jobs
a) Freedmen's Bureau
b) Johnson's plan for Reconstruction
c) Andrew Johnson
d) Abraham Lincoln

Established to deny blacks rights, like voting
a) Black Codes
b) Ku Klux Klan
c) Confederacy
d) Reconstruction Act of 1867

Established the right to vote to all male citizens, including black males, regardless of race or previous condition of servitude
a) 15th Amendment of 1870
b) 14th Amendment of 1868
c) Confederate
d) Congress' plan for Reconstruction

Defined citizenship, established due process, established equal protection under the law
a) Johnson's plan for Reconstruction
b) 15th Amendment of 1870
c) 14th Amendment of 1868
d) Confederate

A Republican, elected as President of the United States in the election of 1860
a) Andrew Johnson
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) JFK
d) George Washington

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