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Complete and comprehensive documentation shows that physicians have followed ________________.
a) The minimum necessary standards
b) The minimum service requirements
c) The medical standards of care
d) The retention schedule

Health information that does not identify an individual is referred to as _______________.
a) Protected health information
b) Authorized health release
c) Statutory data
d) De-identified information

Patients have the right to ____________.
a) Authorize the release of information to anyone not directly involved in their care
b) Alter the information in their medical records
c) Block the release of information about their communicable diseases to the state department
d) Deny the court of law access to PHI that is required for evidence

The authorization to release information must contain _____________.
a) The number of pages to be released
b) The Social Security number of the patient
c) A description of the information to be disclosed
d) The names of all physicians that have treated the patient in the past year

Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, physician practices must ________.
a) Train employees about the practice's privacy policy
b) Appoint a staff member as a privacy officer
c) Have privacy practices appropriate for its healthcare services
d) All of the above

A notice of privacy practices is given to ________________.
a) The health plans with which a practice contracts
b) A practice's business associates
c) A practice's patients
d) None of the above

A patient's PHI may be released without authorization to ________.
a) Local newspapers
b) Employers' workers' compensation cases
c) Social workers
d) Family and friends

Which of the following help to enforce the HIPAA security rule?
a) Controlling access to proctected health information
b) Securing Internet connections
c) Using a system to back up data
d) All of the above

Which government agency has the authority to enforce the HIPAA Privacy Rule?
a) Central Intelligence Agency
b) Office of the Inspector General
c) Office for Civil Rights
d) Office of E-Health Standards and Services

A compliance plan contains ______________.
a) Consistent written policies and procedures
b) Medical office staff names
c) The practice's main health plans
d) Medical office staff addresses

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