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Which pair correctly classifies a region?
a) perceptual region - Panama Canal
b) perceptual region - New England
c) functional region - The Netherlands
d) formal region - The Old South

Which conclusion regarding the expansion of industrialization is MOST correct?
a) Cottage industries experienced an increase in employment as commercial industries declined
b) Cottage industries required fewer skilled workers than commercial industries
c) Commercial industries changed the division of labor traditionally established by cottage industries

Which scenario BEST shows a progression from subsistence to commercial agriculture?
a) A large farm begins to export products internationally
b) A medium size farm expands to produce goods for community sale
c) A farming family supplements income through outside employment
d) A company-owned farm applies for government subsidies

Which phrase BEST explains why trade between the US and Asian countries increased significantly during the late 20th century?
a) increased oversight by the United Nations
b) the internalization of production
c) increased stability in the Middle East
d) the establishment of protective tariffs

Which factor BEST explains why more agricultural activity occurs outside urban areas?
a) Land values are lower
b) Transportation costs are lower.
c) More labor resources are available.
d) More energy resources are available.

The use of the canal system in the early 19th century reflects which development in American society?
a) the decreased reliance on public transportation
b) the need to build infrastructure to expand trade
c) the decreased demand for railroad lines
d) the desire for stable foreign relations

Which import does the United States MOST depend on to increase its industrial productivity?
a) manufactured goods
b) computer technology
c) raw materials
d) energy resources

Which of the following is NOT a resource?
a) water
b) food
c) land
d) jewelry

Which comparison between Great Britain and the United States is correct?
a) The President of the United States and the Queen of Great Britain are both heads of government.
b) The British Prime Minister and the U.S President are both chosen by elected officials.
c) The House of Lords and the U.S. Senate both confirm cabinet members.
d) The President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain both appoint members of their cabinets.

Extended drought and civil strife in a country would MOST likely lead to
a) stable economic conditions
b) expanded global trade
c) a loss of vegetation
d) a reduction in air pollution

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