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A long term strategy to enter a state of reduced activity is called
a) acclimation
b) niche
c) dormancy
d) adaptation

The living components of an environment are called
a) the biosphere
b) abiotic factors
c) biotic factors
d) habitats

The thinning of the ozone layer will lead to
a) more greenhouse gases being trapped
b) global warming
c) an increase in UV radiation reaching the Eart
d) climate changes

What do ecologist believe is leading to the sixth mass extinction on Earth?
a) The rapid increase in the human population
b) The return of dinosaurs
c) The decrease in the human reproduction rate
d) The growing size of the biosphere.

Humans have help cause
a) the extinction of several species
b) global climate changes
c) the thinning of the ozone layer
d) all of these

The greenhouse effect is caused by which gases redirecting heat back at the Earth?
a) Oxygen and Chlorine gas
b) Carbon monoxide and water vapor
c) Carbon dioxide and water vapor
d) Carbon tetrachloride and chlorine gases

The thin volume of the Earth and its atmosphere that supports life is called the
a) ecosystem
b) biosphere
c) population
d) community

The correct order of the levels of organization from broadest to narrowest is
a) Ecosystem, biosphere, community, organism, population
b) Biosphere, ecosystem, population, community, organism
c) Biosphere, ecosystem, community, population, organism
d) Biosphere, community, ecosystem, population, organism

A graph of performance vs values of an environment variable is called a
a) biosphere graph
b) acclimation curve
c) tolerance curve
d) population distribution

Ecology is essential to humans today becasue
a) to ensure survival of our species
b) the human species is changing the world rapidly
c) the human population of the Earth is increasing rapidly
d) all of these

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