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One disadvantage of slash-and-burn agriculture as practiced by indigenous people in South America is that it
a) Requires a large capital investment for farmers.
b) increases the price of agricultural products in the region.
c) leads to increased erosion of the soil.
d) forces indigenous people to rely on foreign investors.

Which statement correctly demonstrates how the governments of the US and Canada are similar?
a) Judges are appointed by the legislative branch.
b) A president leads the executive branch.
c) Cabinet appointments are approved by the Senate.
d) Leaders are elected by citizens.

The presence of American fast food restaurants in Russia offers evidence that the former Soviet Union is
a) influenced by the consumer culture of the West.
b) operating under a command economy.
c) competitive economically with East Asia.
d) reducing its rate of unemployment.

Which BEST explains the cause of the genocide in Rwanda?
a) ethnic tensions
b) religious conflicts
c) revolutionary ideology
d) foreign invasion

How did the Great Migration influence the culture of the northeast United States?
a) Young adults had more social opportunities.
b) Populations in rural areas grew rapidly.
c) Women began to work in factories.
d) Jazz became a popular musical form.

Which action is an example of one of the Five Pillars of Islam?
a) taking a vow of poverty
b) acceptance of suffering as part of life
c) annually donating a percentage of wealth to charity
d) maintaining a vegetarian diet as an expression of nonviolence

How has the caste system influence the development of society in India?
a) Cultural traditions have encouraged economic change.
b) Social divisions have been justified based on religious beliefs.
c) Ethnic divisions have been overcome by a common language.
d) Shared values have strengthened a democratic government.

What is a common misconception about Iran that is often held by Americans?
a) Iran is an Arab nation.
b) Iran has large oil reserves.
c) Iran is predominantly Hindu.
d) Iran has a theocratic government.

Which major cultural factor enables Japan to export high-tech products?
a) openness to immigration
b) emphasis on education
c) restriction on competition
d) intensive use of natural resources

Which sentence correctly describes a similarity between the governments of the United States and Cuba?
a) Authority is given to the people
b) Laws are enforced by the state
c) Private industry is controlled by the state
d) Citizens have guaranteed civil rights

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