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Blues Music developed in the _________
a) 1700s
b) early 1800s
c) early 1900s
d) 2000s

It is sometimes hard to understand the words in blues music because it is about __________ rather than clarity.
a) Self-expression
b) Mumbling
c) Communication
d) None of the above

Blues music emerged after what major historic event?
a) World War II
b) Vietnam
c) The Civil War
d) World War I

Robert Johnson is sometimes referred to as the _________
a) Father of Blues
b) Father of Chicago Blues
c) Master of Blues
d) Great Guitarist Known to Man

Robert Johnson was so good at the guitar, it was rumored that he made a deal with ___________ in exchange for his abilities.
a) President
b) Devil
c) Mayor of his town
d) None of the above

Which famous blues musician helped make blues music commercially available so that people could buy it?
a) W.C. Handy
b) Robert Johnson
c) B.B. King
d) Stevie Ray Vaughn

_____________ guitar is a method of playing guitar where you move smoothly from one note to another by using a plastic/glass tube on your finger.
a) Smooth Guitar
b) Slide Guitar
c) Bending Guitar
d) None of the above

Muddy Waters was famous in America and England. Which British rock band got their name from one of his songs?
a) The Beatles
b) The Who
c) The Rolling Stones
d) The Monkees

B.B. King was famous for using __________ in his solos. This is where you pull the string to change the pitch.
a) Pitch Bends
b) Slide Guitar
c) Pitch Jumps
d) None of the above

Stevie Ray Vaughn combined blues music with
a) Jazz
b) Country
c) Rock n' Roll
d) Rap

Blues music had an influence on which of the following types of music?
a) Jazz
b) Rhythm and Blues
c) Rock n' Roll
d) All of the above

What famous scientist made the first recording of blues music?
a) Albert Einstein
b) Thomas Edison
c) Alexander Graham Bell
d) Bill Nye

In 1920, Mamie Smith released the first commercially available blues recording. It was of a song called _____________
a) Crazy Blues
b) Blues Machine
c) Crazy Train
d) St. Louis Blues

What is the pattern/form of the lyrics in most blues songs?
a) ABC
b) ABA
c) AAB

Instrumental music what is called ___________ - these are notes that are slightly lower in pitch.
a) Green Notes
b) Red Notes
c) Yellow Notes
d) Blue Notes

Which of the following is NOT a note in the blues scale?
a) C
b) Eb
c) F
d) Ab

What three chords are used for the 12-bar blues pattern?
a) C, D, and E
b) C, F, and G
c) A, B, and C
d) F, G, and D

What is the order of the lines of the TREBLE clef?

What is the order of the spaces of the BASS Clef?

Which accidental looks like a hashtag (#)?
a) Sharp
b) Natural
c) Flat
d) None of the above

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