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What proposal sought to unite the American colonies against the French?
a) Albany Plan of Union
b) Confederacy of England
c) United States Constitution
d) Bill of Rights

The religious revival that swept through the colonies was called the
a) Enlightenment
b) Great Migration
c) Great Awakening
d) Catholic Revolution

Labor for the Southern rice fields was provided by
a) enslaved Africans
b) paid workers
c) children
d) tenants

What theory holds that a nation's power depended on expanding its trade?
a) mercantilism
b) trade
c) gold reserve
d) expansion

What plan called for one general government for all the American colonies?
a) Iroquois Confederacy
b) Albany Plan of Union
c) Bill of Rights
d) United States Constitution

The Treaty of Paris marked the end of power in North America for
a) Britain
b) Canada
c) France
d) Spain

The leg of the triangular trade route in which enslaved Africans were shipped to the West Indies was known as the
a) Tidewater
b) slave code
c) first leg
d) Middle Passage

New England farms were larger than those in the Middle Colonies
a) True
b) False

The French and Indian War was between France and Native Americans
a) true
b) false

The Navigation Acts angered the colonists because they restricted trade
a) true
b) false

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