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A pheromone is a type of
a) visual signal
b) sound signal
c) chemical messenger
d) defensive display

A snail will withdraw into its snail if it is prodded with a sharp object. In this behavior, prodding is the ______ and the snail's withdrawal is the response.
a) stimulus
b) instinct
c) insight
d) condition

If a dog learns to ignore vehicles that drive past its house without stopping, the dog's behavior has probably been altered through the type of learning known as ____.
a) classical conditioning
b) habituation
c) language
d) learned behavior

When an animal associates a stimulus with a reward or punishment, it learns by the process known as _______.
a) habituation
b) insight learning
c) communication
d) classical conditioning

If an animal produces a sound and another animal obtains information by hearing the sound, the two animals are engaging in a form of _____.
a) communication
b) language
c) defensive display
d) sound signal

The Russian scientist named ______ studied conditioning in dogs.
a) Newton
b) Redi
c) Pavlov
d) Mendelev

The most complicated form of learning is _______ learning.
a) innate behavior
b) insight
c) operant conditioning
d) courtship

When competing for a territory, animals may show ____ to gain control over each other.
a) migration
b) defensive
c) language
d) aggression

Only humans are known to use ______, a complex system of communication that uses sounds, symbols, and gestures according to a set of rules.
a) language
b) pheromones
c) sounds
d) touch

Give the general name for seasonal behavior cycles and the general name for daily behavioral cycles.
a) migration, circadian rhythm
b) dormancy, stimulus
c) dormancy, pheromones
d) migration, chemical signals

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