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Complex inborn behaviors include each of the following EXCEPT
a) web-building in spiders
b) nest-building in birds
c) potato-washing in macaques
d) suckling of newborn mammals

Insight learning is a form of behavior that
a) is characterized by decreased responsiveness to unimportant stimuli
b) involves random responses that lead to either reward or punishment
c) involves applying something already learned to a new situation
d) is performed correctly without any previous experience

The type of learning that begins with a random behavior that is rewarded is called
a) classical conditioning
b) operant conditioning
c) habituation
d) insight learning

It is advantageous for grazing mammals to gather in groups because groups
a) can make the available food resources last longer
b) can migrate more easily than individuals can
c) are more difficult for predators to locate than individuals are
d) offer greater protection from predation

In some species of balloon flies, males spin balloons of silk and carry them while flying. If a female approaches one of the males and accepts his balloon, the two will fly off and mate. This type of behavior is an example of
a) aggression
b) territorial defense
c) courtship
d) language

Which of the following terms is NOT closely related to the others?
a) innate behavior
b) learned behavior
c) inborn behavior
d) instinct

Trial and error learning is also known as
a) operant conditioning
b) learned behavior
c) inborn behavior
d) instinct

Any change in which a behavior is altered as a result of experience is called
a) habituation
b) operant conditioning
c) innate behavior
d) learning

For young geese to imprint on an object, that object must
a) move
b) be some kind of animal
c) look like an adult goose
d) be the same size as an adult goose

Which of the following is NOT a type of social behavior?
a) courtship
b) habituation
c) hunting in a pack
d) communication

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