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A logarithm whose base is 10 written as just log...
a) natural logarithm
b) common logarithm
c) asymptote
d) extraneous solution

The null hypothesis is ...
a) always true
b) states there is no difference in the two groups being tested
c) an observational study
d) all of these answers

When every member of a population has an equal chance of being selected for a sample, the sample is...
a) random
b) biased
c) convenient
d) systematic

A(n)... imposes a treatment on individuals to collect data on their response to the treatment.
a) observational study
b) experiment
c) factor
d) random sample

A natural logarithm is...
a) a common logarithm
b) a logarithm with base e
c) a logarithm with base 10
d) none of these answers is correct

A monomial or sum or difference of monomials is ...
a) a polynomial
b) a polyhedral
c) a combination
d) a permutation

A solution of a derived equation that is not a solution of the original equation is...
a) even
b) exponential
c) explicit
d) extraneous

A survey about an entire population is ...
a) a standard deviation
b) a convenience sample
c) a census
d) an easy and accurate way to survey the population

In order to eliminate the imaginary number i in the denominator of a rational expressions, multiply both the numerator and denominator by...
a) its complex conjugate
b) the square root of negative 1
c) i squared
d) an irrational root

When given 2 dependent events, A and B; P(A|B)...
a) theoretical probability
b) experimental probability
c) conditional probability
d) standard deviation

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