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Colonists in the Middle Colonies were able to produce larger harvests than colonists in New England because-
a) wheat was the major cash crop
b) fertile soils and a milder climate benefited farmers in the Middle Colonies
c) indentured servants helped promote industry in the South
d) the slave trade was banned in the colonies

The House of Burgesses was important because it-
a) was the first official meeting of colonists
b) made a large difference in colonial life in a short period of time
c) was the first representative assembly in America
d) wrote laws for all of the colonies

Because of the long winters and the thin, rocky soil, settlers in the New England Colonies were forced to practice-
a) large-scale farming
b) tenant farming
c) subsistence farming
d) plantation agriculture

Democracy and self-government grew during the American colonial period primarily because-
a) the government of England was very unstable
b) England wanted America to become independent
c) most colonists believed they had the right to be free
d) the English government required it

Why did large-scale farming develop in the Southern Colonies?
a) tobacco became the principal crop
b) most settlers were farmers
c) rich soil and a warm climate allowed harvests of cash crops
d) cultural diversity in the South promoted industry

The Jamestown settlers saved their colony by planting
a) maize
b) wheat
c) tobacco
d) cotton

Protestants who wanted to leave and found their own churches were called
a) Protestant reformers
b) Puritans
c) Separatists
d) Anglicans

Which colony was created so debtors and poor people could start over?
a) Delaware
b) Maryland
c) Georgia
d) Carolina

The type of farming practiced in New England was
a) subsistence
b) backwater
c) cash crop
d) Tidewater

How did England view its North American colonies?
a) as an economic drain
b) as a place to put criminals
c) as an economic resource
d) as a land of savages

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