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Which has higher levels of fat?
a) Older birds
b) Younger birds

What are giblets?
a) editable poultry organs
b) the feet and tail of a bird
c) only the second stomach
d) internal organs of a chicken or pig

Where should you store meat in the refrigerator?
a) Top shelf
b) bottom shelf
c) in the door
d) middle shelf

Where should the thermometer be placed in the meat and away from what two things?
a) in the middle; away from marbeling and fat
b) in the fat; away from bones and marbeling
c) in the middle; away from muscle and fat
d) In the thickest part; away from fat and bones

What are some difference between finfish and shellfish
a) Finfish have an internal bone structure
b) Shellfish may have a hard external skeleton
c) Finfish breath with gills
d) all of the above

How has the way we raise pigs changed since the 1970's?
a) Pigs are leaner today
b) they haven't changed
c) Pigs have more food variety
d) Pigs were healthier in the 1970's

What is/are a reason why we would buy a pre-cut up chicken
a) cheaper
b) for specific cuts
c) convenience
d) for both specific cuts and convenience

what is/are a reason why we would buy a whole chicken
a) convenience
b) cheaper
c) variety of choices (dark and light meat)
d) cheaper and you get a variety of choices (dark and light meat)

What is the difference between the T-bone and porterhouse steak
a) Porterhouse has a larger New York Strip section
b) T-bone has a larger tenderloin section
c) Porterhouse has a larger tenderloin section
d) T-bone has a larger New York Strip section

Areas of the animals that move a lot (locomotion meats) are best cooked with dry heat.
a) True
b) False

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