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To make sure that all tasks have been completed and an event is ready for attendees, sport/event marketers might refer to their
a) guest list.
b) product checklist
c) function sheets
d) inventory agenda

One way to verify that a complex arena event is well prepared and ready for spectators is by
a) holding a rehearsal.
b) identifying audio needs.
c) developing an event checklist.
d) reading the scripted elements.

When the Green Company selected its target market, it decided to ignore the segment differences and generate appeal with one offer. The company is using __________ marketing.
a) isolated
b) niche
c) individual
d) mass

Entertainment marketers should identify their target markets after they have carefully examined
a) past ticket sales records for similar events.
b) available data and research about the segment.
c) retired people with discretionary income.
d) customized products that fit the needs of the market.

What is one question that a business must answer when identifying a potentially profitable target market?
a) What is the reach and frequency of the advertising medium?
b) Does the product have form utility?
c) What are monthly variable expenses?
d) Is the market responsive?

One aspect of identifying a segment of a sport/event target market involves identifying the
a) regional trends.
b) sales forecasts
c) heavy users
d) new vendors

Which of the following situations is an example of a business using niche marketing:
a) A chemical manufacturer offers a line of hand soap that contains an antibacterial agent.
b) A national petroleum company offers credit cards for use at its gas and service stations.
c) An athletic footwear company produces a line of shoes for children who play soccer.
d) A soft-drink manufacturer advertises its product during a national television broadcast.

Which of the following statements is true regarding niche marketing:
a) Marketers tend to consider broad focus to meet the needs of the niche.
b) Market segments are subgroups of niche markets
c) Niche marketers do not often customize their offerings.
d) Niche markets are small and may attract a few competitors.

Which of the following factors should event marketers consider when identifying target markets for specific events:
a) Behavior
b) culture
c) attitude
d) character

When a business selects a target market, the most useful or desirable market segments to the business are those that are measurable and
a) concentrated.
b) undiferentiated
c) accessible
d) inflexible

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