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Practical Electricity Test.[print questions]

What is the reason for the fuse and switch to be located at the live wire?
a) To cut off the current from the appliance.
b) To cut off the voltage from the appliance.
c) To break the circuit when there is a sudden current surge.
d) To indicate the user that the wire is Live wire.

What is 1 kWh
a) 1000 J of energy
b) 1000 W of power
c) $1 worth of energy
d) 3600000 J of energy

Many hair dryers have no earth wire. Why?
a) The fan prevent heating of the coil.
b) The current is too small.
c) The casing is made of plastic material.
d) The plug is installed with fuse.

Which is the most appropriate fuse rating for a 240 V, 1.2 kW heater?
a) 3 A
b) 5 A
c) 10 A
d) 13 A

If a heater draws 5 A current from a 240 V supply, what is the current in the live wire?
a) 0 A
b) 5 A
c) 10 A
d) 240 A

Which is the effective resistance of an appliance marked 240V, 60 W?
a) 0.25 ohm
b) 4 ohm
c) 960 ohm
d) 14400 ohm

How much energy does a spot light rated at 2kW consumed in 6h?
a) 3 kWh
b) 4 kWh
c) 8 kWh
d) 12 kWh

Which is the power produces by an appliance marked 240V, 2A ?
a) 8.3 mW
b) 60 W
c) 120 W
d) 480 W

Which is a possible material for the heating element i the electric iron?
a) copper
b) steel
c) nichrome
d) silver

Which is the current flowing through an appliance marked 240V, 40W?
a) 0.17A
b) 3.00A
c) 6.67A
d) 6.00A

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