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Judaism, Islam, and Christianity share a common belief in
a) were the offical religions of the Byzantine Empire
b) the Pope
c) reincarnation
d) monothesim

The Holy Book of Christianity is
a) Koran
b) Tipitaka
c) Torah
d) Bible

Jesus' teaching have included examples of
a) mercy and sympathy for the poor
b) all of the above
c) equality of people before god
d) helpless brotherhood

One way in which Eastern Ortodoxy, Roman Catholicism, and Protestism are similar is that each
a) accepts the authority of the Pope
b) were once the offical religions of the Byzantine Empire
c) is branch of Christianity
d) doesn't believe in the old testament

The Five Pillars of Faith of Islam and, the Ten Commandments of Judaism and Christianity, are similar in that they all
a) indicate how to achieve salvation
b) offer a hapy and easy life to their followers
c) were set forth by the founders of these religions
d) serve as guidelines

Which best describes a major characteristic of Islam?
a) Like other religions, it is composed of people who sometimes disagree on certian belifs and practices.
b) A fundemental idea is the seperation of church and state.
c) Has lost influence in the lives of its followers.
d) A major goal is to adapt western cultures.

Afterf Mohammed's death, Islam spread rapidly mainly because
a) Arab women joined Muslim armies
b) his people devolped a strong sence of purpose
c) people invaded the Holy Land
d) The city of Mecca became the captial of the Islamic Empire

The Vedas, the Bible, and the Koran are similar in that
a) encourge strife between groups of believers
b) support political rebellions
c) deny the existence of a supreme ruler
d) they provide guidelines

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all origanated in
a) Europe
b) Asia
c) Middle East
d) Africa

Islam was founded by
a) Mohammed
b) Buddah
c) Jesus
d) Abraham

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