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Her arm was _________ and ready to go as she prepared to throw a fastball to the catcher
a) obliged
b) scrambling
c) fidgeting
d) poised

_________ all of the trees, a green tree frog has a lot of great camouflage.
a) elevated
b) amidst
c) murmuring
d) poised

The Fort Wayne Tincaps ___________ the championships after they won their final game.
a) clinched
b) credited
c) boycotted
d) obliged

The mouse ___________ over the floor in order to reach the cheese that had fallen to the ground.
a) plummeted
b) teetered
c) winded
d) scurried

His favorite pair of jeans were all old and ___________ because he worn them every day.
a) fidgeting
b) amidst
c) tattered
d) desegregated

The _________ at the entrance of the baseball stadium clicked every time a new person walked through it.
a) satchel
b) podium
c) sabotage
d) turnstile

The football player _________ the opposing team as he tackled their quarterback.
a) flattered
b) elevated
c) pummeled
d) ventured

She __________ a secret into her sister's ear, hoping that her brother wouldn't hear it.
a) poised
b) clinched
c) murmured
d) flushed

The flowers began to ___________ because they had not been watered for days.
a) wither
b) winding
c) elevate
d) flatter

The fourth grade students were _____________ when the teacher started teaching calculus to them!
a) flattered
b) ventured
c) withered
d) oblivious

There was only a ____________ of fog in the morning, so we didn't get a delay from school.
a) poised
b) clinched
c) smidgen
d) crucial

He grasped his brown ____________ that contained all of the precious jewels he had just stolen from the kingdom.
a) turnstile
b) credit
c) flatter
d) satchel

It is __________ that you turn your homework in every day because it helps you become a better learner.
a) crucial
b) boycott
c) frail
d) winding

I stood at the ____________ prepared to give my speech to the high school grades.
a) turnstile
b) tattered
c) podium
d) ambition

My cheeks _________ red when I spilled my lunch on my new dress in front of everyone in the cafeteria
a) flushed
b) scrambled
c) desegregated
d) flattered

The _________ road had a lot of twists and turns, which made me car sick.
a) frail
b) poised
c) winding
d) shivering

It was always my __________ to become a professional baseball player.
a) turnstile
b) satchel
c) credit
d) ambition

The children could not stop __________ during the Math lesson when they knew that the rest of the day would be spent having a carnival.
a) scurrying
b) fidgeting
c) murmuring
d) surveying

The class agreed to __________ doing homework after the teacher unfairly assigned the entire workbook in one night.
a) desegregate
b) boycott
c) shiver
d) venture

I was much ________ to my mom for having helped me for two hours on my algebra homework.
a) obliged
b) scurried
c) flatter
d) teeters

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