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A word that means you intentionally ruin something. It is normally a mean act.
a) obliged
b) credit
c) sabotage
d) clinched

A word that means you say one thing but do something completely different
a) hypocrite
b) flatter
c) obliged
d) scurried

A word that means you have the desire to strive to accomplish something through a lot of hard word
a) teeter
b) surveying
c) clinched
d) ambition

A word that means extremely important or essential
a) crucial
b) frail
c) boycott
d) wither

A word that means you have no idea what is going on; there is no background knowledge on the topic
a) boycott
b) oblivious
c) elevated
d) flatter

A word that means to bring groups of people together-no matter their age, skin color, religion, etc.
a) clinched
b) shivering
c) plummeting
d) desegregated

A word that means someone or something is a positive addition to something. They have done something good.
a) flatter
b) ventured
c) murmured
d) credit

A word that means someone is trying to collect items really quickly; nervously gathering things together
a) flatter
b) teeter
c) winding
d) scrambling

A word that means something is moving very quickly
a) scurried
b) desegregated
c) pummeled
d) sabotage

A word that means you are extremely grateful for something someone has done for you
a) credit
b) desegregated
c) obliged
d) crucial

A word that means old and very fragile
a) scurried
b) obliged
c) frail
d) turnstile

A word that means you refuse to do something for specific reasons
a) frail
b) plummeting
c) amidst
d) boycott

A word that means a task that is extremely difficult
a) pummeled
b) arduous
c) frail
d) plummeting

A word that means you ran someone over with great force
a) pummeled
b) smidgen
c) clinched
d) desegregated

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