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A noble must have all of these characteristics EXCEPT
a) be a warrior and follow a certain standard of conduct.
b) a standard education
c) be interested in the arts
d) to be born, not made

Leonardo da Vinci was all of the following EXCEPT a(n)
a) artist
b) artist
c) scientist
d) linguist

The Divine Comedy includes all of these three sections EXCEPT
a) Hell
b) Earth
c) Purgatory
d) Heaven

Leonardo da Vinci was an excellent example of Renaissance Italy’s social ideal because he
a) was a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, and mathematician
b) wrote grand romantic poetry and insightful political treatises
c) came from a wealthy family and greatly improved his family’s status in society
d) was a politician, and politicians were considered the pinnacle of human achievement

Christian humanists believed that
a) by studying biology, one could assure one’s salvation
b) society should return to simpler ways and not focus on gaining wealth and material possessions.
c) if people read the classics, and especially the basic Christian principles people could reach salvation
d) God did not intend man to know more than what was written in the Bible

Which of the following was the first Protestant faith
a) Christian humanism
b) Lutheranism
c) Calvinism
d) Zoroastrianism

The Peace of Augsburg formally
a) accepted the division of Christianity in Germany
b) ended the war between France and Morocco
c) established the doctrine of Lutheranism
d) made Martin Luther the patron saint of the Holy Roman Empire

Part of Calvin’s reformation of the city of Geneva included
a) exiling all Catholics
b) requiring all citizens to cut cabbage
c) the formation of the Consistory
d) the execution of Thomas More

Despite their importance in developing a new view of the family, Protestants
a) did nothing to change women’s subordinate role in society
b) had little impact on most other aspects of society
c) were unable to agree on the role of children in the household
d) took a dim view of divorce and made even stricter policies against it

In 1528, Baldassare Castiglione wrote The Book of the Courtier, which
a) was an epic novel of idealized heroism and became a model for Italian men
b) taught a new type of recreational badminton
c) instructed rulers to abandon morality as the basis for political activity
d) described the characteristics of a perfect Renaissance noble

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