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What were the leaders of Ancient Egypt called?
a) pharaohs
b) kings
c) huskies
d) conquorers

What was the process used by Ancient Egyptians to preserve bodies after death?
a) reincarnation
b) mummification
c) suffocation
d) fosterication

How do Mandinka people tell their history?
a) dance
b) stories
c) art
d) music

What is the main cause of death south of the Sahara?
a) lion attacks
b) malnourishment and poverty
c) car crash
d) cancer

How many countries are in Africa?
a) 87
b) 126
c) 54
d) 1

What is a hostile government takeover by a group of people?
a) coup
b) counter
c) massacare
d) party

A time without food is called a what?
a) abundance
b) plague
c) famine
d) passover

Where are the major rain forests of Africa located?
a) South Place
b) Upper Fog
c) Niagra Falls
d) Congo Basin

What is the largest desert in the world?
a) Sahara
b) Mango
c) Cane
d) Miobe

European colonization of Africa was very beneficial for the economy and resources of Central Africa
a) True
b) False

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