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The most popular use for ___ connectivity is wirelessly transferring photos and videos off the camera.
a) Online
b) Wi-Fi
c) Cloud
d) Downloading

Many camera models can back up straight to _____ services or networked computers.
a) Online
b) Wi-Fi
c) Cloud
d) Downloading

Some camera models can connect directly to what time of device?
a) mobile
b) computer
c) printer
d) Correct Answer is Not Provided

Which of the follows is/are the goal(s) for a camera to connect directly to a mobile devices:
a) view shots
b) transfer shots
c) edit shots
d) All Answer Options are Correct

Which company has gone to the extreme and basically created cameras without LCDs?
a) Nikon
b) Fuji
c) Sony
d) HP

Sony created the ___ series.
a) Digital
b) SR
c) QP
d) QX

QX Series mean that they are designed to be operated over ____.
a) Online
b) Wi-Fi
c) Cloud
d) Downloading

Some camera models use Wi-Fi to remotely control the ______ by using your mobile device's display as a viewfinder.
a) Download
b) Cloud
c) Camera
d) Battery

When the ability to use remote display of your mobile device, it can also be used to access your smartphone's __________ for tagging photos with location data.
a) Wi-Fi
b) Cloud
c) Screen
d) GPS

A digital camera can offer things that your smartphone can't offer. Which of the following is/are feature(s) offered by Digital Cameras?
a) Better Photo Quality
b) Better Video Quality
c) Zoom Lens
d) All Answer Options are Correct

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